RCAS takes part in Zimam training programme

By Badriya Al Balushi — RUSTAQ: Feb. 22 – Rustaq College of Applied Sciences (RCAS) participated in the national leadership training programme titled ‘Zimam’ held in cooperation with Oman Sailing Company in Musannah recently.
Zimam is a programme aimed at increasing job opportunities for Omani youth by providing them with personal and professional skills for the job market through practical activities. A total number of 96 male and female graduate students from Rustaq College participated in the programme.
936245It focused on “collaborative work” and its importance in the work environment and “working in an effective group” to solve problems and challenges.
The participants learned about communication skills, which help them communicate effectively, use of right terms in job interviews and employment planning.
The programme also highlighted the decision-making process and the “ability to think under pressure” and consequences of making weak decisions.
The presenter discussed leadership skills and how to professionally lead groups to succeed.
Another focal point was the best practical ways of planning and training students to plan/use practised methods when planning an activity or a project.
The programme concluded with a discussion on “solving the growing mysterious problems in a practical work environment” within a hardworking group.
Analysing skills development and cooperation in preparing for personal interviews was one of the highlighted points.