Ras Al Jinz attracts 70,000 visitors in 2019

Muscat: Close to 70,000 tourists visited the Ras Al Jinz Scientific Centre in Ras Al Hadd which is located in Wilayat of Sur in the Governorate of South Al Sharqiyah.
The tourists come here from all around the world. The turtle hatching season attracts record number of tourists compared with other ten months of the year.
Saud al Alawi, Director of Tourism in the Governorate of South Al Sharqiyah, said that Ras Al Hadd is a major tourist attraction. It is located about 55 km away from the centre of the wilayat.
The sun rises first here before any other places in the entire Arabian Peninsula. It has a number of natural sites such as beaches, terrain and soft sands, in addition to the moderate weather throughout the year. Migratory birds come here in large numbers. There are also various rock formations and beautiful bays.
As for the hotel establishments in Ras al Hadd, Alawi said: “There are a number accommodation facilities available for tourists. They include 3 hotels and rest houses as well as 6 guest houses, in addition to two camps. The work is under way to build two other accommodation facilities. The occupancy rate of these tourist and hotel establishments reaches 100 per cent during weekends and official holidays.
Ras Al Hadd is one of the most active tourist destinations throughout the year and located on Sea of Oman and the Arabian Sea. It has many tourism elements such as Khor Al Hajar, Khor Grama and small islands.
This area is known for migratory birds and turtles. This is why the government decided to set up a museum, known as Ras Al Jinz Scientific Centre in Ras Al Jinz, to save and maintain the natural life of turtles and the surrounding environment.
Nasser al Ghailani, Director of the Ras Al Jinz Scientific Museum, said: “The scientific centre organises daily tours to see the statues of turtles found in the Sultanate. It also provides a tourist guide who gives the visitors and tourists relevant information and guidelines. They also brief them about the reproduction of turtles, which continues between 60 and 120 days depending on the types of turtle and its origin from which it belongs.
They also get information about the methods, which the turtle uses to protect eggs from any threat. “The turtle reserve has various activities for all museum visitors, including entry into Ras Al Jinz beach. Here they can enjoy the natural beauty of the beaches, its soft sand and its beautiful atmosphere. It is a major tourist attraction. The tourist can also walk around the surrounding mountains and do diving and mountain biking. The reserve organises night tours to see turtles and watching stars.

Diyar Ras Al Hadd
The Diyar Ras Al Hadd project overlooking the sea is one of the most important projects in the area. It has a total area of 2 million square metres. It is home to many marine organisms and birds inside the turtle reserve.
The first phase of the project includes 250 hotel rooms and 346 housing units with necessary facilities and services. In the second phase, 450 hotel rooms are to be built and more housing units with the necessary facilities are to come up.
Ali bin Khamis al Amri, owner of the Sheikh Palace Ship for Sea Tours, said that his ship is organising cruises for tourists in the morning and evening.
The tour begins from Garma creek in Ras Al Hadd. The ship also takes tourists to Al Ashkhara or nearby destinations of Ras Al Hadd. It is also possible to stay at the ship in the night as desired by the some tourists.
The ship started its activity 8 months ago. It has a room and a big hall, which has all entertainment facilities as well as a comfortable sitting arrangement on floor, a kitchen. It can accommodate 60 people.
It can be booked for families and groups of people.
One of the tourists, Ahmad al Baloushi, said that he was very happy visiting this place. He particularly liked Fort of Ras Al Hadd. He said that he was fond of its beauty and splendor of its design. It is one of the most important tourist attractions. He also appreciated the way the tourists were received at the fort with broad heart. The building is known for its heritage style, which includes a number of antiques, and ancient weapons such as cannons, rifles, and others.
Mohammad Othman, a visitor from one of the Arab countries, said that Ras Al Hadd was known for its stunning terrain. It has also beautiful beaches and small turtles on them increase its splendor. — ONA