Ramadhan in Thailand

Ramadhan is an important month in Thailand because the country has about 10 million Muslims, says Al Huda Chanitphattana. While Al Huda works in the Gulf for projects and is also a travel blogger, she always goes home to her mother and the rest of her family for Ramadhan.

“Most of the Muslim population in Thailand is from the South, but I am from Bangkok. For Iftar in Thailand, we have dates and water before dinner. In the South, there are special delicacies which are truly delicious. But for us in Bangkok, we just go by the general food such as Tom yum goong, Thai Green Curry and other popular Thai dishes,” she shared.
In the morning for Suhur, it is something light that is easily digestible featuring noodles or rice but in some houses, there will also be a dessert — a bit of sugar to give you energy for the day.
Al Huda shared that she has special memories of Ramadhan. She shared that as a family month, there are a lot which she fondly remembers whenever talking about the holy month.
“When I was young, I really liked this month because maybe for 11 months we may not have dinner together but in Ramadhan every member would be there to talk and share their time and have dinner. Usually, Mother is busy looking after us that she does not eat with us. But during Ramadhan she also joins us,” she said.
One of her fondest memory is when her mother went for Umra during Ramadhan.
“Because mother was away, we, the siblings, cooked together and it was fun as well,” she shared.
She also shared, “For Eid, all the family members staying away in other provinces will come together to our house. We go to the mosque together, buy new clothes for the occasion. Zakat is very important. In business when we make profit we keep aside the share for Zakat that will be given during Eid.”
Preparation for Iftar also includes shopping and Al Huda accompanies her mother to Minburi Fresh Market often accompanied by younger ones in the family as well.
The mosque Al Huda goes to is Nurulislam Mosque (Khukot) which is still under construction. It has a special segment for women.