Rains likely in Sharqiyah and Wusta

Muscat, Feb 12 – There are chances of rain in the coastal areas of North and South Sharqiyah, and parts of Al Wusta coast, said the Met Office. Temperature is set to go lower, the weather forecaster said. “Temperatures are going to be lower in the coastal areas of Musandam, Buraimi, Dhahirah, Dakhiliyah and North al Sharqiyah in the next two days.” In Dhofar, temperature will be warm, reaching 30 degrees Celsius by Wednesday. Salalah, for instance, recorded 28 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

While a weak trough brought rain in most parts of Musandam, low to medium clouds brought in surprise drizzle in Salalah on Tuesday. The warm and humid southerly to south westerly winds, trapped by mountains along the coastal areas of Dhofar, formed low to medium clouds, resulting in rains. The northern parts of Oman received rain under the influence of a weak trough on Tuesday. Buraimi, Batinah and parts of Dhahirah received showers.