Rains likely due to Indian Monsoon low pressure

Muscat: Is it dust or just a hazy day? It is neither, says the Oman Met Office. According to the weather expert at Oman Met office, this is the result of high to medium clouds coming from the North East direction and that is from India and Pakistan borders.

The symptom that is being experienced is known as the ‘Indian Monsoon Low Pressure’.  In some situations, the low pressure moves towards the Gulf direction.

Currently the whole of the Sultanate is experiencing the impact of the Indian Monsoon low pressure and there are chances it can bring varying and isolated rains at least drizzle, says the weather expert.

“The higher chance of rain could be in the area between Sur and Masirah,” forecasted the Meteorology official. When asked about chances of rain in Muscat, he replied, “Only 30 per cent chance.”

There are chances of isolated rains due to the Indian Monsoon low pressure on Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe the day after Wednesday. This system is separate from what is experienced in Dhofar, as the rest of the country is facing the cloud formations coming in from the North East direction.

In addition, the local cloud formations over the Hajr Mountains will continue with the regular summer rains towards the late afternoon. The weather advisory for thunderstorm from PACA’s Directorate General of Meteorology is for Saham, Ibra, Bahla, Mhada, Mudhaibi, Rustaq, Ibri, Saiq, Samail, Nizwa, Al Hamra, Izki, Jabal Shams, Buraimi and Yanqul.

So all parts of Oman are going through interesting weather patterns at present. Partly cloudy to cloudy skies along the coastal areas of Dhofar Governorate and adjoining mountain with chances of intermittent drizzle associated with light rain and clear to partly cloudy skies over the rest of sultanate with advection of medium and high level clouds and chances of isolated rain.

Chances of convective clouds developments with isolated rain occasionally thunderstorms associated with downdraft wind over al Hajar Mountains and the adjoining wilayats towards the afternoon. Chances of dust rising winds are expected over deserts and open areas.

Along the coastal areas of Oman Sea winds are expected to be northeasterly to easterly light to moderate during the day becoming southerly light to moderate at night. And over rest of the sultanate governorates winds will be southerly to southeasterly light to moderate occasionally fresh along the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea.

Special caution has to be practiced while approaching sea as it is rough along Arabian Sea coasts with maximum wave height of 5.0 meters and slight to moderate along Oman Sea and Musandam coasts with maximum wave height of 1.5 metres.

Alert is also given on poor visibility during the rain and drizzle (along the coastal areas and mountains of Dhofar Governorate), and fog patches.