Rain, thundershowers expected

The trough system being developed on the western part of the Arabian Peninsula is expected to begin its impact on Saturday in the Sultanate. The peak is likely to be on Sunday and Monday, the Met office stated.
Currently, the low-pressure area is centred around the western part of the Arabian Peninsula.
“We are expecting a trough of low pressure starting on Saturday and the weather system will continue until Tuesday. There is a forecast of rains, occasional thundershowers associated with hail and downdraft wind,” explained the weather forecaster at the Directorate General of Meteorology, Public Authority of Civil Aviation.
The system is expected to bring rains throughout the Sultanate but the concentration will be around Al Hajr area. While Sharqiyah will also get its share of rains, the system will affect most parts of the Sultanate including Dhofar especially in the Najd (desert) area with related thundershowers.
“It is not a tropical cyclone, it is just a normal trough. This is the typical weather we would receive in winter, but it is a little bit late as it is happening in May. All of the governorates will be effected even Al Wusta with isolated thundershowers but not necessarily covering the whole area. We are expecting some heavy rainfall,” he added.
The fresh wind is also expected to have an effect on the sea forming local waves and the public is warned not to go to sea. The thundershowers are associated with fresh wind.
Sea conditions are predicted to be moderate along the Oman Sea and Musandam coast, but during thundershowers, local waves are usually formed.
The wadis are forecast to flow and the public is requested to be cautious around the area by not crossing wadis.