Rain drenches Salalah

Salalah: Amid coronavirus fears and a near-total calm in Salalah, some areas in western and eastern Salalah received drizzling and moderate rain as Salalah and its adjoining areas was cast with lower clouds due to the phenomenon of low pressure in the area.

It was kind of a pleasant surprise to the residents of Salalah to witness some drizzling even though most of them kept themselves isolated in line with the government’s directives of not venturing out to stop COVID-19 spread.

Weather reports suggested that the sudden change in weather was mainly due to prevailing moderate low pressure in the Gulf region. “It caused isolated light rain in suburban Salalah city, on the mountains and adjoining coastal areas.”

According to Ali Sahri, a resident of Salalah, “The western part of Salalah, mainly beyond Mughsail, witnessed moderate rain, while drizzling was seen in Itiin and adjoining areas.

Drizzling was witnessed also in Zeik, which is located on the eastern part of Salalah.

The sky is still cast in many areas with lower clouds and day’s temperature ranged between 26 and 27 degrees Celsius.