Putting the Hyderabadi flavour on the spotlight

Foods in Muscat in recent years have become a potpourri of different flavours. The food scene in the capital has become an amalgamation of different influences with the local Omani taste always prevailing in its dominating rights. While Turkish, Intercontinental, Asian and Persian flavours are the most distinguishable, others are still trying to gain recognition. One of these is the authentic Hyderabadi taste.

Gastronomic delights from the city of Hyderabad trace their humble origins to medieval period as well as modern times during the Nizam’s era. The authentic Hyderabadi flavours are a combination of various influences before it attained perfection.
“Generally speaking, the Hyderabadi cuisine is not plain Mughlai, but an amalgamation of Arabic, Persian and even Turkish influences. It is also believed to have borrowed a great deal from neighbouring local food cultures”, shared Ashfaque Qureshi, son of the Hyderabad culinary legend Imtiaz Qureshi.
Together with his brother Irfan, they are trying to bring the distinct Hyderabadi flavor to a much bigger audience.
“Most of the foreign food had been improved to suit culinary preferences. This re-imagining resulted to the formation of unique derivative cuisines that often excels over the original,” Ashfaque and Irfan said.
As an example, Turkish Biryani and Arabic Haleem are prepared all over India, but the Hyderabadi variety eventually emerged giving life to what would now be known as the Hyderabadi Biryani and Hyderabadi Haleem.
Likewise, Til ke chatuni with Arabic tahini, Persian dried lamb with beans was modified with dalcha, tanduri naan of uzbek to create Sheermal. Most of the modern day desserts in Hyderabadi cuisine were introduced and invented during the times of Nizams and that have led to today’s development of the Hyderabadi cuisines.
A slice of Hyderabad can be experienced at the Qureshi Hyderabadi Festival currently ongoing at the Hormuz Grand Hotel ending on September 30. In celebration of this distinct flavor, the Qureshi brothers have come to the country to demonstrate how their signature dishes are prepared giving out the authentic Hyderabadi food experience.
With strong influences from Mughal cuisine as well as Persia, Arabia, Afghanistan and Turkey, Hyderabadi menus are famed for their aromatic mutton dishes and subtly spiced biryanis. The menu created by the Qureshi brothers will feature the classic dishes of the region such as Murgh Seekh Lassuni and Kacchi Gosht Biryani but will also include other favourites including Lal Mirch Tikka, Murgh Aloo Korma, Shikampur and Bagara Bhaingan.
Complimenting these dishes will be breads fresh from the clay kiln and sumptuously sweet dishes to round off a culinary journey through Hyderabad.
Shafaque Ahsan, Director of F&B at Hormuz Grand Hotel, excited about the visit from the famed Qureshi brothers, said that the visit from the brothers on a restaurant that bears their name is something they’ve always looked forward to.

Kabeer Yousuf