How about public pools as holiday spots?

Muscat, Sept 23 – While domestic tourism becomes one of the top priorities for the government, the public feels some family attractions are required on the country’s tourism circuit. Discussions on social media suggested idea for meeting families’ needs during holidays.
One of them was having a swimming pool at public clubs. “Authorities in the government should start thinking about public clubs with swimming pools,” says Ali al Balushi, a Muscat resident.
He said the capital lacks such places and families find it quite tough to spend holidays in Muscat. “We have to spend money to stay in a hotel for enjoying facilities such as a swimming pool. This is vital in view of the increasing number of drowning incidents,” said Al Balushi.
A public club with swimming pools and a playground for children is a necessity nowadays, he said.
Adil Juma echoed Al Balushi’s views. “The swimming pool idea is a good one. It can raise revenues for the government. Establishing public clubs with affordable costs will encourage many to register and enjoy their services,” says Adil.
He said though such clubs exit, the public can’t enter them. “Such clubs are established by the government/ private companies and they allow families of only those working in their establishments. We need clubs that can be accessed by all for an affordable fee,” says Adil.
He feels such a concept will help boost domestic tourism.
Nouf al Mamari, another Muscat resident, wonders why private companies do not consider such an idea.
“This can be part of the companies’ social responsibility. Big companies can adopt this idea. The government should allot areas for such companies. I believe such projects are needed now,” says Nouf.

Fahad al Ghadani