PSO welcoming new talents

To pave the way towards making photography a global language, The Photographic Society of Oman (PSO) annually richens the field with new shining talents as several members joining the Society.
PSO inaugurated last Monday the Exhibition of the new members in the headquarters of the Society. The Society is keen to hold this gathering every year to welcome its new members and encourage them to exert their positive energy in the field of photography. It is also an opportunity to meet with the old members and exchange experiences.

23 new photographers joined PSO and nearly 37 photos will be exhibited carrying different themes such as portray, nature, Islamic architecture, and authentic Omani customs and traditions. the Society has set conditions and standards for members’ acceptance process such as full knowledge of the fundamentals of photography that include proper image formation, lighting control, exposure and other essentials in the world of photography.
The exhibition will run until March 19.
in the same context, PSO announced the results of the 3rd youth competition that aims at encouraging young photographers from school and college students under the age group (15-20 years). The competition helps enhancing the artistic talents of youth in the field of Omani photography, in addition to qualifying them to participate in international competitions held for young people around the world.
632 participants from the two age groups, with a total of 2,120 photos of various life topics, were presented to participate in the competition this year. The results are as follows: In the category less than 20 years, Khalsa Saeed al Naebia from the Al Sharqiya University won the first place, followed by Masoud al Jafari from South Al Sharqiyah Governorate in the second place.
Asad al Hilali from Yeti School for General Education in the Governorate of Muscat came in the third place. The award of appreciation went to Adnan al Mujaini and Tariq al Shibli from Al Khoud Secondary School in Muscat Governorate.

In the youth category less than 15 years, Nader al Fazari from Sheikh Nasser Al Kharusi School in the Governorate of Muscat achieved the first place, and in the second place came Zamzam Bani Oraba from Al Subul School for Basic Education in North Al Sharqiyah. the third place went to Saeed Hassan from the Silver Jubilee School in Muscat. the award of Appreciation went to Arwa al Jabria from Nakhl School for Basic Education in the Al Batinah South, and Yasmin al Nabhania from Umm Saad Al Ansariya School in Muscat.
This competition is an opportunity for students of schools and colleges to show their talents in the field of photography and refine them. in this regard, PSO does not hesitate to support and nourish their visual tastes through the annual foundation courses and workshops that qualify them to enter the field with confidence.