Proud of Oman…

History of nations is mostly made of the sacrifice of people’s time, efforts and life of course. What our ancestors have achieved is history, what we are doing now is present and what our children and grandchildren will do would be the future. One should imagine how history is made and passed over generations. All of this is a national inheritance and legacy that everyone is responsible for preserving.
Oman started narrating a distinctive historical story to the world since five decades ago. As a matter of fact, Oman was building a nation where peace is born, hospitality is inherited and culture is cherished. Different chapters of this story have been written throughout the 50 years of glory and prosperity. Building the homeland march was a shared responsibility shouldered by the government and citizens alike.
The first scene of the story conveyed the noble promise of late Sultan Qaboos to his fellow citizens upon ascending to the throne in 1970. He promised Omanis: “My people, I will proceed as quickly as possible to transform your life into a prosperous one with a bright future.” Though it was a challenging promise, he could fulfil his promise to the people of Oman in a record time.
This promise was a spark of inspiration for all; it instilled hope in Omanis as they were having a difficult life and hard time trying to make a living. It was even a relief and a start towards delivering a prosperous life. This was reflected in His Majesty’s address: “We hope that this day will mark the beginning of a new age and a great future for us all. We promise you that we shall do our duty towards the people of our dear country.”
The second scene of the story portrayed the confidence of late Sultan Qaboos on Omanis, calling them to contribute in building the nation. His Majesty stated, “We also hope that every one of you will do his duty in helping us to build the thriving and happy future that we seek for this country, because, as you know, unless there is cooperation between the government and the people, we will not be able to build our country with the speed required to free her from the backwardness she has endured for so long.”
As the country has been developed on firm foundations, Oman is growing up and moving forward with the same values in the new era of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik. In his first speech, His Majesty praised the reign of the late Sultan, stating “Our only relief — the best with which we can eternalise his achievements — is to pursue his rightful legacy and derive impetus for the brilliant steps that he treaded in full confidence and determination, to preserve the gains that he made and to build upon them”.
Reconfirming the government’s trust on Omanis, upon ascending on throne, His Majesty Sultan Haitham, addressed his fellow citizens, “Nation-building and development are a public responsibility that requires the commitment of all, without exempting any one from their role, in their respective specialties, and within their capabilities”. As Oman is witnessing a new era, we, Omanis, are all urged to join forces with the new government, led by His Majesty, while proceeding with the renewed renaissance.
Regardless of gender and age, Omanis were urged to join forces with the government and take part in the nation-building process. People of Oman always mark a key factor of the overall national development. Likewise, they are trusted now as a reliable resource to help in shaping the new era, led by His Majesty Sultan Haitham. Oman, as a nation, will continue thriving and become a destination of peace and prosperity to citizens, while providing warm hospitality to residents and visitors alike.