Productivity holds key to higher standard of living

Muscat, July 1 – The State Council approved the study on standard of Living and productivity presented by the Economic Committee at its 14th ordinary session on Monday. The session chaired by Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Mantheri, Chairman of the State Council, also focused on the Economic Committee’s report on Draft law amending certain articles of the Tender Board Law and the report of the Social Committee on draft law of patient rights and safety and the draft law of wastewater management, treatment and reuse. Dr Al Mantheri, commenced the session with a statement reviewing the agenda of the meeting.

Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al Harthy, Head of the Economic Committee, delivered the statement. He explained that the study aims to analyse the prevailing standard of living in the Sultanate and determine its links with the productivity rates, value addition, efficiency and effectiveness. He noted that the study touched upon the level of productivity and the keenness to improve the standard of living. He said that the growth model adopted by the Sultanate has achieved significant developments in living standards over several decades, and its sustainability requires a new development paradigm to harmonise the social challenges and requirements.

The study has resulted in several recommendations. It includes the development of proficient practices and policies to increase productivity in both the public and private sectors, savings and increase in state resources. The objective is also to strengthen the focus on productivity and accept it as the key factor in improving the standard of living. Following discussions, the Council approved the proposal, leading to the formation of a Technical Drafting Committee. The session on Tuesday will discuss the proposal of the Committee of Culture, Information and Tourism on the advertising regulation, and discuss the proposal ‘Development of training in Education system’ submitted by the Committee of Education and Research.