Private sector employs over 257,000 Omanis

Muscat, June 11 – The number of Omanis working in the private sector and who have insurance has reached 257,912 with a 5.2-per cent increase by the end of April, according to official statistics. Males make up 73.5 per cent and females 26.5 per cent. Omanis holding senior management positions numbered 29,290 with a 11.8-per cent increase compared to the corresponding period of last year.
More than half of the Omani staff with insurance (161,700) in private companies earn salary less than RO 600 while those who earn a salary between RO 600 and RO 700 make up 8.4 per cent while 9.5 per cent earn a salary of between RO 700 and RO 800 and 5.3 per cent (9,330) ear a salary of between RO 800 and RO 900.
The number of Omani employees who earn a salary of more than RO 2,000 has reached 13,614, a 5.2-per cent increase.
Muscat Governorate has the most number of Omani employees in the private sector with 83,238 followed by North Al Batinah with 47,000 and Al Dakhiliyah Governorate (32,300).
The total number of expat workers in the private sector stands at 1.766 million, a 3.8-per cent decrease compared to April 2018.
The construction sector employs some 60,000 insured Omani workers followed by the trade and motor repair sector with 37,700 workers, the manufacturing sector 31,000, the mining sector 30,400, the agriculture and fisheries sector 1,094, and the real estate sector 1,161. The entertainment sector has the least number of Omani workers with 622.