More private rooms at govt hospitals

MUSCAT, June 6 – Long wait for private rooms at government hospitals might end as a move has been initiated by Majlis Ash’shura to increase the number of private rooms in public hospitals, a reliable source at the Majlis told the Observer.
“Yes, this (increasing the number of private rooms) was suggested by a member and lauded by the Health Committee at the Majlis Ash’shura,” said Ali al Qutaiti, Head of the Health Committee at the Majlis.
He said the suggestion was taken up with the Majlis Ash’shura Office for further discussion.“Such rooms will definitely bring in income. We haven’t recommended a specific number of private rooms in every hospital, but a slight increase can be a good move to start with,” said Al Qutaiti.
The move was lauded by the public.
Many felt more private rooms was a “necessity”.
“I am pleased to hear this; hope it becomes reality soon,” said Salim al Sarhani, a resident of Muscat.
When his wife had to undergo prolonged treatment in a government hospital, he spent long hours in a “public corner”.
“There’s no way of finding privacy in such corners,” said Salim.
He tried to find private rooms and was ready to pay even double the fee, but in vain.
Similarly, Abdullah al Abdaly, another Muscat resident, welcomed the suggestion. “If you’re admitted to a hospital, it’s very difficult to get a bed sometimes. The number of private rooms in government hospitals are very few.”
Khoula Hospital provides 15 private rooms for RO 20 per night. It also provides five suites for RO 30 per day besides four VIP rooms for RO 35 per night.
The Health Committee at the Majlis also approved the Rights and Responsibilities of Patients Law on Tuesday. “It is quite early to speak about the law but it will definitely regulate processes in hospitals and medical institutions,” said Al Qutaiti.

By Fahad al Ghadani