President Abbas leaves hospital

RAMALLAH: Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas left hospital on Monday following eight days of treatment for pneumonia and pledged to return to work. The 83-year-old, dressed in a suit as usual and walking without assistance, gave a short statement on being discharged, saying he planned to be back at work in his office as normal on Tuesday.
“Thanks to God, I left the hospital today in good health and return to work starting tomorrow,” he said, speaking vigorously and with his two sons by his side.
“I thank the leaders, kings, politicians, presidents, brothers — Arab and non-Arab — who have kindly asked about me, and I am thankful to all.”
Abbas was admitted on May 20 to the Istishari Arab Hospital near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank with complications following an ear operation, including high fever.
Officials have since said he was being treated for pneumonia.
His extended hospitalisation led to widespread speculation over whether his condition was worse than the details being disclosed. — AFP