Prepare human resources, SMEs told

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) need to prepare themselves to emphasise on their manpower as the cornerstone of the business in order to succeed in business, according to SME specialists.
SMEs have to adopt some strategies and expertise in order to grow big and it’s all about human resources and unless and otherwise one capitalises on the same, success will remain a mirage, according to Warith al Kharusi, Chairman of Oman Skills Development SAOC.
“SMEs need to have the right skills in order to be sustainable and it’s human resources should be competent enough to achieve the set targets of the business”, said Al Kharusi, who is also the Head of Logistics Sector Human Capital Task Force and Oman Chapter for Chartered Institute Logistics and Transport International.
Speaking on the sidelines of the Seminar on Role of SMEs in Innovation, Employment, and Economic Growth, Warith said that in order to yeild the desired benefits, the SME owner should be aware of all the areas of business if not an expert but a minimal knowledge of all, such as procurement, production, finance, marketing, administration and the like.
“In order to know all these single handed, you need to have a knowledge of all these areas and wear different hats that of a CEO, marketing manager, accountant, salesman and the like.
But before anything else, the first thing is to have acceptability of all these roles and willingness to shoulder all these responsibilities. To achieve these, the SME owner should gain as much ground knowledge as possible from peers, friends and other businesses”, Warith added
In reality, a lot of SMEs look at products and not at the right mix of people to market his products and services. On the other hand, any SME businessman should look at the commercial viability of products and services before entering into the market and if the market wants that particular goods or services, he should look at the capital, funding, marketability and cash flow, creditors before he can develop newer products, research, innovate and do trials before driving headfast.
“Manpower and the persons who run the business are the key factors because they are the ones who are going to handle the business and take it forward. The entrepreneur has a great role to do and as the captain of the business he is the manager, he is probably the operations manager, business development manager and so on. He should have a strong support system that would support him in running the show”, opines Sreekanth Krishnamoorthy, Consultant, ICV and New Initiatives at the SME Development Fund.
“The backbone of the firm is the employees and people who support the whole organisation to go from strength to strength. An organisation is not a person but a groip of people who are working for the organisation”, adds Sreekanth. The participants of the seminar said even if you have a set of experts, you need to grow your people and help them learn, motivate them and make them as business owners and not as employees, Warith al Kharusi adds.