Preparations for ‘Inshad’ programme under way

The main committee of Inshad (Islamic singing) programme run by the Ministry of Sports Affairs (MoSA) recently held a meeting chaired by Saif al Shibli, the head of the programme in the presence of its members.
The meeting which was held at the MoSA premises discussed final preparations made by the committee and the sub-teams to kick off the programme next month.
The referee panelists who attended the meeting approved all the rules and regulations in this context. Also, the referees confirmed all the categories that can be part at the programme starting from the age of 8 years up to 30 years into different categories including individuals and teams.
Marketing plan was another topic on the agenda. The head of the programme instructed the marketing team to promote the proposal in the private sector to have some sponsors for the programme.
The committee also discussed the detailed media plan and coverage of the programme in all the media including written, radio and TV. The committee suggested to activate the social media forums including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
The members of the committee approved the visits of the main committee and referee panelists to the governorates and clubs to brief all the youth committee of clubs about the Inshad programme. The visits will cover briefing the clubs on the rules and regulations to all the participants.
The preliminary contests at the club level will begin in the middle of May and continue until June. Those who qualify for the governorate level will vie for top positions in the middle of August.
The third level will be a competition to identify 15 singers to compete at the Sultanate level and to select six of them for the final ceremony, which is scheduled to be held in end of August.