Precautions against COVID-19 should continue

As the Sultanate is marching on the path of recovery, straightening the curve with a lesser number of cases, the Ministry of Health has reiterated its call to take precautions to embrace the new normal.

Accordingly, wearing a face mask, head shield, gloves, and using personal protective equipment (PPE) while going outside, to a market place or workplace, should be a must norm for everyone. Shaking hands should be avoided.

One shouldn’t step out of their houses unless it’s really necessary. Personal and protection to others should be maintained, according to a senior doctor from the Ministry of Health (MoH).

“As we are on the path of recovery, a set of additional safety protocols must be taken by every individual, families, and offices to help straighten the curve,” the official said.

Social distancing still holds importance to curb the spread to a great extent and is evident from past experiences. Everyone should refrain from social gatherings these days.

Offices that are maintaining 30 per cent workforce attendance should continue to provide a safer work environment for the employees from the entry point till they leave the office.

The habit of shopping too frequently should be curtailed while healthy shopping focusing on healthy food and secure shopping which involves secure payment method, safer dealing with procurement and shopping cart, as well as maintaining the distance of safety needs to be encouraged and if possible, do the e-shopping which is the best way of shopping these days.

Keep footwear outside the house to avoid the spread of infection. They should be disinfected by using the diluted chlorine or household bleach (adding 10 to 15 ml of household bleach to a 1 litre of water) and spray on any surface that needs to be disinfected.