Potential for job creation in oil and gas sector: OPAL

The Omani component of the workforce in the oil and gas industry averages around 34 per cent overall, underscoring the potential for stronger Omanisation in this key sector, according to the Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL), the umbrella organisation of oil and gas producers, contractors, and service providers.
While Omanisation among oil and gas producers ranges between 60 – 70 per cent, it falls to 10 –15 per cent in oilfield construction companies, producing an overall average of around 34 per cent for the industry, said Musallam al Mandhari, CEO.
“Given these figures, there is a significant opportunity for further Omanisation, and we don’t foresee an issue in meeting the target of creating 5,000 opportunities for Omani job-seekers as part of the industry’s contribution to the 25,000 target mandated by His Majesty.”
Al Mandhari made the comments at a brief briefing yesterday to announce OPAL’s support for the 12th edition of the OGWA/SPE Exhibition and Conference due to be held in Muscat during March 26–28, 2019.
“We are working very hard towards this goal,” he stated. “So far we have identified 2,000 jobs, and we are optimistic about meeting the 5,000 target within the next three months.”
Some of the jobs promised by private companies have been pledged under the ‘Training for Employment’ initiative — a programme that supports the skills development of Omanis who are assured of jobs awaiting them upon the completion of their training. Funding for this initiative has already been secured, he said.
In addition to showcasing its various competency development programmes at the OGWA forum, OPAL will also seek to attract Chinese and Libyan oilfield firms to the event.
The goal, said Al Mandhari, is to encourage these visitors to get acquainted with investment opportunities, as well as the potential to benefit from Oman’s formidable expertise in the development of their hydrocarbon resources.