Positive start for summer programmes


MUSCAT, June 14 –
A positive start registered by the summer programmes for this year, which is run by the Ministry of Sports Affairs. A total of five diversified programmes including: Cheer Your Team programme, Summer Sports programme, Club Youth Camps programme, Shababi programme and Inshaad competition for the clubs began their activities since June and will finish by the end of August. All the programmes are targeted at using the leisure time of the young people constructively and raising their skills levels.

Cheer Your Team programme
It is the most popular summer programme and recorded a very high number of participation of people. More than 20,000 people registered in this edition of programme representing more than 600 teams belong to the clubs for the football competitions and more than 100 teams for volleyball competitions.
The first stage of the programme which is at club level began in most of the clubs recently. Then, the second stage will feature the qualified teams from club level and will be at the governorate level. The winner teams from the governorate level will compete at the Sultanate level to lift the trophy.
The organising committee of the programme added a new competition this year which is a Hackathon for providing different ideas that support to boost the sports level in the Sultanate. There will be different categories to compete in the Hackathon including: spectators, sports media and sports video games and logistics/infrastructure. Also, the organising committee added a new addition to this version which is a volunteering licence for organising sporting events.
The committee will select many participants and there will theoretical and practical sessions for the participants. Registration at the volunteering licence workshop is open at the social accounts of Cheer Your Team programme.

“Inshaad” competition programme
As many as 40 clubs took part at the this edition of ‘Inshaad’ competition for the clubs. The competition started in mid of last month for its first level.
The Inshad or Islamic songs competition will be held on four different levels. The first level was at clubs which ended on June 13. The best singers will qualify to compete at governorate level. A group of six singers will be selected to compete at Sultanate.
The competition will be divided into many categories including the youth category 16-30 years, junior singer (male) 8-16 years, junior singer (female) 8-13 years and group singers (band).
The second stage of competitions which is at governorate level will begin on July 3 for Al Dakhiliyah, Al Dhahirah and Al Wusta governorates. A special judging panel consist of Bader al Harthi, Hilal al Shiyadi and Jalal al Khiwetari will scrutinise the budding singers.

Club Youth Camps programme
As many as six camps will be arranged for the youth participants at Club Youth Camps programme in the seventh edition. The first camp will be held in Muscat and will start on June 22 to 28. The second camp will be in Suhar during June 29 to July 5 while the third camp will take place in Buraimi on July 6 to 13. The fourth camp will be in Nizwa during July 13 to 19 while Sur will host the fifth camp on July 27 to August 2. The last camp will be in Salalah during August 24 to September 2. Salalah’s camp will feature the best candidates from all the camps and GCC youth representatives will join in the common camp.
The camp will include many activities like workshops, lectures, sporting activities, social activities, volunteering works, site visits, leadership sessions and others. The purpose of the programme is to provide diversified skills for the youth and equipping them to work as a team and help them harness their skillsets.
Summer Sports programme
The programme will include series of events around the Sultanate including all the governorates and will last until end of August. Organising committee will set a plan that featured special open days and sporting activities at the training centres and complexes. As many as 23 open days will be held in different places. On July 19 at Al Athaiba beach, the first open day will begin in Muscat and will include series of activities for family and young categories. Another day to be organised in Muttrah, Al Amerat and Qurayat. The main theme of the programme is maintain a healthy lifestyle using the platform of sports.

Shababi programme
This programme attracted youth interest into many areas including art, scientific, cultural, social, environmental and the traditional activities of Oman. Shababi activities to be held at various clubs, sports centres, complexes and women associations. Muscat governorate begun their Shababi programme activities. Arabic hand writing workshop recently finished in Muscat with participation of many people.
Some more workshops and visits to be organised in the coming days and that will cover graphic design, poetry events, some tourist trips to museums and educational places.