Poetic Feelings by Haitham Al Balushi

Muscat — Haitham Al Balushi

Tell me tell me who am I ?
You can see me in the sky
Sometimes low sometimes high
Tell me tell me who am I ?

I am not a bird
I am not a butterfly
You have think and try

Tell me tell me who am I ?

You will see me in some day
And I will go away
You will ask me to stay
And I will say I can’t

Don’t be angry. This is the life
It is like a knife
Two days you will be happy
And you will be sad in other five

The life is like a wave
Or it is like a cave
Definitely it is very difficult
You will need someone’s brave

The people are too kind
And they are live without mind
Sure that is a big issue
Because they see the life in one side

I will repeat it again and again
Even if you lost your brain
I am waiting your reply
Tell me tell me who am I ?

You will see me fly
I swear, I am not a lier
Please please don’t cry
If you heard Haitham was die


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