Platform for discussions, debates


Vinod Nair –
MUSCAT, March 2 –
The annual book fair is not just about books, authors and distributors. It also offers a platform for discussions and debates on matters of social and national importance. With thousands of people flocking to the venue after busy office hours, there is not much the organisers could ask for the fair, which has been growing in stature every year.
“Books are not about making money from sales and recovering costs. What gives me satisfaction is to have visitors of different age groups, from school students to elderly, spending hours at stalls that suited their interests and preferences,” said Najib, catering to queries from a few parents.
On Wednesday, the General Federation of Oman Trade Unions launched a book on ‘Negotiation Techniques’ under the auspices of Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information, in the presence of Nabhan bin Ahmed al Batashi, Chairman of the General Union of Workers of the Sultanate.
A presentation was screened in the ceremony about the General Union of Workers of the Sultanate and its goals.
Al Batashi said, “This book is the first document published by the Union and it addresses the dialogue methods, skills and techniques of negotiation which the Union felt that it is important to be a scientific reference based on international practices and experiences done or have preceded us in this field”.
The book has nine chapters on the advantages and concepts of negotiating; methods of negotiation; motivation and negotiator, preparing for negotiations, selection and preparation of negotiating team; skills of dealing with situations of conflict, among others.
Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC) also added a new flavour to the fair this year. “There were enough facilities for visitors to take a small break during their tour at the Centre.
“There are adequate parking facilities and also a public transport service for non-car users. For the first time we have a world-class convention and exhibition centre,” said Sulaiman al Balushi, who was visiting the exhibition for third time. “The fair also gives an opportunity to meet some of the old school or college friends with who whom we may have lost touch due to busy schedules,” he added.