Plans unveiled for security at festival venues

By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: Jan. 14 – Royal Oman Police (ROP) has said that all preparations are in place to ensure a high level of security and order is maintained at all venues during the forthcoming Muscat Festival 2017. According to a statement issued by Brig Abdullah bin Mohammed
al Hosni, head of the security committee, Muscat Festival 2017, ROP has developed requirements for safety and security according to the festival events to suit the nature of the festival. The security plan will work to facilitate access to venues easily and immediately identify a mechanism for communication with organising committee of the festival.

A security plan has been prepared with the participation of different police units to secure the sites, organise awareness activities, events and organise traffic to overcome the difficulties that may face festival visitors. It has been allocated temporary centres in Amerat Park and Naseem Park with necessary manpower and equipment to help them perform the tasks entrusted. These centres will be continuously monitoring the festival sites, in addition to communicating with the government and private agencies involved for the smooth conduct of the festival.