Plans on to remodel Muttrah Souq, fuel stations

MUSCAT, Dec 19 – The Economic and Financial Committee at the Majlis Ash’shura has discussed developing Muttrah Souq in partnership with the private sector. A futuristic presentation on this topic was discussed at the meeting.
Muttrah Souq is one of the oldest markets in Oman, dating back about 200 years and is a prototype of old Eastern markets, characterised by narrow winding alleys roofed with wood.
This souq goes by another name among the Omanis — the Market of Darkness, due to its myriad of alleys and roads lined by shops that block the sun during the day.
The east and west parts of Muttrah Souq, separated by Khawr Bimbah, are also known as ‘the small market’ and ‘the large market’.
The Market of Darkness is the small market, whereas the large market is the wholesale market.
At the same time, the Social Development Committee discussed the issue of developing model fuel stations, with facilities such as restaurants and shops.
The meeting also discussed the basic considerations for the establishment of gas stations and the regulations for its operations.
The meeting also discussed the number of gas stations currently in the Sultanate, especially on highways.
Discussions were held on investment in gas stations and the role of the private sector in activating the services covered by them, as well as the challenges and problems related to the implementation of these stations.