Plan to restart flights submitted to SC

Muscat: An effective plan has been prepared as part of the efforts to resume flights and connect Oman to the rest of the world.

It was also revealed that a recovery plan for the aviation sector has been prepared as per the National Aviation Strategy.

Replying to questions at a virtual press conference on Monday, Dr Ahmed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport, said that aviation is one of the most affected sectors and the Public Authority of Civil Aviation (PACA) has submitted a plan to the Supreme Committee with specific dates to open domestic and then international aviation.

The final decision will be announced by the Supreme Committee.

Dr Ahmed al Saeedi, Minister of Health, said on Thursday that there is a plan to reopen the airports. “A committee has been assigned to draw up procedures and measures and plans to allow travel will be considered soon.”

“There are ongoing meetings with airport operators in Oman to discuss safety measures. In the event of reopening airports, quick checks will be provided for those arriving in Oman, as well as accredited health institutions within Oman, to carry out tests for those wishing to leave the Sultanate.”

The government also said that five centers in the country provide rapid Covid-19 testing for those wishing to travel from Oman.

A mechanism has been set in coordination with relevant authorities for the return of residents who are currently abroad and have families here, said the minister of Health had earlier said.

He added the residents will able to come with the opening of the airports must commit to isolation upon arrival.

Some of the highlights from the Minister speech and the conference:

Various transport and logistics sectors are ready to drive economic diversification, raise national employment rates, create new job opportunities, and revive and industrial activity.

Due to the emergence of the global pandemic and the collapse of global oil prices, the Ministry of Transport in Oman has to review the priorities of projects and operational plans.

The ministry will continue to take measures to enable ports in Oman to promote direct imports and develop export activities to various countries of the world, aimed at making the country a logistical hub.

The ministry is currently working on 453km of road projects and plans to open some of them this year, including the third part on the Adam – Thumrait road, rest of the Sharqiyah Expressway and Draiz-Yanqul road

Work is underway on Rusayl- Bidbid road as this project has been given the priority of implementation.

Work is underway on Rusail- Bidbid road as this project has been given the priority of implementation.

The ministry will intensify its efforts to privatize some of the existing businesses in government companies that are attractive to the private sector.

Airlines will be restructured to be prepared by the time predicted for the recovery of this sector globally.

A digital platform to integrate the operations of Ports of Salalah and Sohar will be launched.

Aircraft maintenance building at Muscat International Airport will get top priority this year.

Muscat Airport City project will include developing a free zone, aviation gate, and travel portal and a building for food and fish processing facilities near the airport.

Asyad and Oman Aviation Group will be part of the Oman Investment Fund.