Plan to raise pvt sector share in health to 50pc

The Sultanate seeks to raise private sector contribution in the health sector by 50 per cent in 2050, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has said. The ministry plans to achieve this by providing attractive investment opportunities, regulating/ updating funding alternatives, developing economy predictions and setting up production base principles.
At present, Oman accounts for 4.5 per cent of the pharma market share in the GCC, with 95 per cent of medical and surgical tools being imported.
MoH has proposed investments in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medical technology and equipment to achieve self-sufficiency. It also plans to encourage investment in private healthcare.
“There is a lack of specialised hospitals as well as branches of international health centres in the country,” it said. Another promising investment field is the ministry’s assets, including land plots and buildings where more facilities can be built.
The ministry had earlier said the government hospitals consume the bulk of total health spending (50-80 per cent) and urged the private investors to take initiative.
“Improving efficiency and increasing productivity will help reduce health expenditure by 15 per cent and rational use of drug and medications by 5 per cent,” it had said.