Plan to integrate Oman aviation sector with Ocean Economy

Oman Aviation Group (OAG), the civil aviation infrastructure and logistics investment arm of the Omani government, plans to formulate a strategy designed to integrate the sector with commercial opportunities spawned by the development of an Ocean Economy in the Sultanate.
The announcement came at the inaugural session of the ‘Ocean Economy and Future Technology Conference’, which opened at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre here yesterday. His Highness Sayyid Shihab bin Tareq al Said, Adviser to His Majesty the Sultan and Chairman of The Research Council (TRC), led a large gathering of government and international dignitaries at the inauguration.

Addressing the conference, Oman Aviation Group CEO Mustafa al Hinai (pictured) said the organisation was looking to leverage its substantial infrastructure and operational capabilities to add value to a range of sectors linked to the Ocean Economy. Notable examples are the cruise tourism, fisheries, shipping and logistics sectors, as well as manufacturing activities based on the processing of marine resources, he said.
“We are looking to see what value can be added to the supply chains of these sectors,” said Al Hinai. “With Muscat just eight hours of flying time away from many world capitals, notably in Asia and Africa, we are well-positioned to serve as an important node in the global supply chain for the fisheries, manufacturing, and other sectors.” Oman Aviation Group, said Al Hinai, is also collaborating with Asyad Group — the land and sea-based logistics investment and development arm of the government — in adding value to the booming cruise tourism industry in the Sultanate.
“We are working to connect visiting cruise liners with our aviation infrastructure, thus helping position Oman as a cruise-centric hub in the region. Passenger transfers between airports and ports, such as Mina Al Sultan Qaboos, for instance, will enhance air traffic movement as well,” he stated.
Also promising is the potential for enhanced exports of fresh, chilled and frozen fish to global markets using Oman’s well-developed air-cargo infrastructure, said Al Hinai.