Pilgrims to move from Mecca to Mina as Haj begins today

Omani Haj pilgrims, currently in the holy city of Mecca, will move to Mina as part of the rituals on Friday, according to Abdul Aziz al Ghafry, Deputy Head of the Omani Haj Mission, Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs (Awqaf), in Saudi Arabia.
All the 14,000 official pilgrims comprising 13,500 Omani nationals, 250 Arab expats and 250 non-Arab expats from Oman will be accommodated in the thousands of tents constructed in Mina.
“Omani pilgrim camps in Mina and Arafat are ready and have been handed over to the contractors for the pilgrims. All our pilgrims will be shifted to Mina where they will be accommodated in houses which are all set to receive Omani pilgrims from Mecca to Mina on Friday morning”, Al Ghafri told the Observer on phone from the holy city.
Omani pilgrims, along with other pilgrims from across the world, will stay over in Mina in order to prepare for Arafat Day, which is on Saturday.
Omani pilgrims will be transported from Mina to Arafa on Saturday morning.
A team of nearly 700 administrative staff, ministry representatives, technicians and various service providers is also in Mecca as part of the Haj Mission. What makes this year’s pilgrimage from Oman special is that 19 cancer patients who had expressed their wish to visit the holy land and fulfil their dream of performing Haj are welcomed onboard for the same.