Photography exhibit spotlights life in three wilayats

What makes life in the wilayats of Wadi Alma’awel, Nakhal and Barka different from the other parts of the country? While many may assume that there are but little differences, photographers who are members of the Al Shabab Club, through the “Photography Team” Exhibit hope to put on spotlight the difference that make these places unique.

Launching on Thursday, November 25, the exhibit will be held in conjunction with the Sultanate’s celebration of the 47th Glorious National Day. The opening ceremony will be under the auspices of His Excellency Sheikh Khaled Bin Hilal al Maouli, Chairman of Majlis A’Shura.
More than 60 professional and high resolution photos will be exhibited during the opening ceremony. The pictures will show variety of works that highlight the uniqueness of the three wilayats’ culture, nature and wildlife. It will also be a mixed of portrait, landscape and micro photography.
“Al Shabab Club” was established on February 2017, and is made up of 25 Omani photographer members whose interest spans sports and arts in the governorate of South Al Batinah.
Khalid Al Maouli, the leader of the “Photography Team” exhibit, shared that they aim to put focus on the Omanis culture in their part of the country. He added that they also want to document the different aspects of life in three wilayats.
Khalid shared, “The photographers had been working as a team for a long time now. We are planning to organise several photography programmes in the future.
He added, “We want these platforms to offer proper opportunities for youth, in particular, to enhance their photography skills. It is a great chance to have a ‘gathering place’ mainly for those who are interested too much in photography.”
“This club, in general, will be able to make the enjoyment of photography accessible to a wider community around the governorate,” he said.