People venture out with caution as activities reopen

MUSCAT: Parks, cinema halls and beaches opened their doors to the public, allowing the visitors to take advantage of the dropping temperatures and pleasant weather.
Parks, amusement centres and cinema halls including the popular chain VOX resumed operations for the first time since March.
With regards to health measures, cinema halls will be allowed to operate only at 50 per cent capacity and follow guidelines such as health checks for workers, the safe distance at all places, no use of touch screen machines, electronic booking systems and serving food and beverages to avoid sharing as much as possible.
Cinema halls should follow horizontal spacing by allowing two seats to customers and two seats empty.
Parks should have a single point for entry and exit to limit the number of visitors, parking lots at 50 per cent capacity, reduced visit hours and no family events and social gatherings.
Amusement centres in commercial centres will also operate at 50 per cent capacity.
— Pictures by Khalfan al Ruzaiqi