Are people in Oman giving enough time to loved ones?

By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: April 4 – A study commissioned for Oman by a regional retail company has indicted that nearly 94 per cent of people are happiest when spending quality time with their loved ones, while at the same time it pointed out that around 30 per cent spend an average of just five hours or less a week with families. Around 46 of the respondents feel they currently waste at least two weekends per month by not spending time with family and friends, and 40 per cent turn down offers to meet loved ones at least twice a month. Around 77 per cent felt the need to prioritise spending more quality time with those they love.

The study was conducted by Majid al Futtaim as part of a new regional marketing campaign to inspire people to spend more quality time with loved ones. The campaign is based on an insight confirmed by research commissioned by the company across the region revealing people in the Middle East feel that spending quality time with friends and family is key to their happiness but they don’t prioritise it enough. According to Vino El Khatib, CMO, Majid Al Futtaim – Holding: “When we received the findings, they highlighted a clear need to encourage people to devote more time to doing what they enjoy the most — spending quality time with friends and family — as in today’s fast-paced, hyperconnected world this all too often takes a back seat.

“We decided to respond to this insight by focusing our new marketing campaign on motivating couples, friends and families to spend time together and celebrate life to its fullest — a message that perfectly captures our vision of creating great moments for everyone, everyday.” The campaign achieves its goal by bringing to life the many ways people express their happiness when enjoying special moments with family and friends.