PEIE’s brand identity – madayn

Madayn brandmark was launched at the 25th anniversary ceremony of PEIE. As Oman diversifies its economy, the Madayn brandmark is a statement of confidence and pride according to the officials.

Meaning small cities, the name Madayn has been chosen to represent the Sultanate’s thriving nationwide network of world-class business hubs. And inspired by the imposing architecture of Oman’s historic towns and vibrant cities, the brandmark’s trifecta of stylised meems highlights the important urban and social aspect of Madayn’s identity – its infrastructure of welcoming communities offering attractive places to live, raise a family, and build a career. Further to this, the interconnected meems emphasise the multi-faceted character of Madayn, reminding us that these burgeoning centres are the home of industry, business and technology in the Sultanate while also alluding to their local, regional and international prospects as well as their significance for domestic entrepreneurship, innovation and business incubation.

Suggesting a window on the future, the brandmark draws the eye outwards, denoting the forward-looking nature of Madayn, its preparedness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and its foreign investment ambitions. With this in mind and to ensure broad appeal, the design brings together the three meems in a distinct Latin M – a clear declaration of global intent. Derived from the hues of the majestic Al Hajar Mountains, the rich purple of the Madayn brandmark projects durability and strength. The colour of energy and dynamism and of the desert sand, the orange in the design radiates the potential of Madayn and hints at its environmental credentials while the heritage red reminds both of the country’s landscape and legacy of ingenuity and enterprise. This bold palette reflects Madayn’s confidence in Oman’s industry, manufacturers, tech-savvy talent pool, and business spirit. Quintessentially classic with a modern twist and industrial feel, the typeface used expresses the innovative focus of Madayn, the strength of its offer, its well-established and solid foundations.


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