PayPal offers $500 credit for US federal employees affected by shutdown

WASHINGTON: PayPal Holdings Inc said it will offer $25 million in interest-free credit to its users who work with the US federal government and are impacted by the shutdown.
Employees who use PayPal Credit will be able to avail an advance of up to $500 each, without having to pay any interest, and the programme will last until the government reopens and employees receive their first paycheque, the company said on its website.
The partial shutdown, which hit the four-week mark on Friday, is the longest in US history. The shutdown means 800,000 federal workers nationwide would continue to go unpaid and some government functions would remain impaired.
The shutdown also clouds the outlook for spending, retailers and the economy at large because executives and policymakers weigh not just the direct impact of 800,000 workers going without pay, but also how much it can hurt consumer and business confidence. — Reuters