Pay for parking sheds in front of homes

MUSCAT, June 19 – Residents will now have to pay for setting up car park shelters in front of their homes outside the boundaries of their plot. Each parking space will cost RO 60 (one-time payment). A plate shall be fixed at each parking lot with the municipal licence number. Those violating these regulations will be fined RO 100. They should correct the violation within the period set by the municipality. Anyone who fails to meet these requirements during the due period will be fined RO 10 for each day of delay.

Muscat Municipality Chairman Mohsen bin Mohammed al Shaikh issued the decision No 2018/95 regulating establishment of car parking shades in front of residential buildings, outside the boundaries of the plot. The decision is based on Muscat Municipality Law promulgated by Royal Decree No 38/155 and local order No 92/23 on regulation of buildings in Muscat. It is approved by the Ministry of Finance. The decision also stipulates that a permit be obtained from municipality before installing a parking shelter in front of the residential buildings outside the boundaries of the plot.

The permit will consider certain standards. The building must be constructed on a residential plot and the space between the nearest street and the outside wall should be not less than 4.5 metres. Not more than four parking sheds should be established for each building which equals 50 per cent of the length of external wall. Article 4 the same regulation states that the installation of the shades should take into account the requirements and designs adopted by the municipality. The space between the external wall and shade should be two metres. Space can be minimised to 1.5 metres in some cases determined by the municipality.

This space should be allocated as a passage and should be suitable for special needs usage. No plantations are allowed at the shelters. The drilling for the shade should be done manually. High density polyethylene fabric must be used with the colour determined by the municipality. Floor tiles should be installed as per stipulated standards. Residents shall bear all the legal responsibility for any damage caused to any public service during the construction of the shelter.

Mai al Abria