Patent laws attract more innovation-based projects

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is encouraging and providing the healthy milieu for the competitiveness of the private sector, so that it can take part in the development of the national economy by applying innovations that will be moved to the factories and then to the market.
“Successful idea is the base for any successful project. We should develop these ideas into products or novel services. We should also market them well to reap the fruits of innovation. Having laws that regularise patents enhances the ability to attract innovation–based projects. The idea should also provide solution for certain problems,” said Khalid bin Hamoud al Hinai from the Intellectual Property Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
He added that the second step is to introduce the idea and its aims. You then should search and analyse the idea as there might be similar ideas and products in the market. You should ensure that the idea is novel and is not known before. Besides completing the search for the legal, commercial and technical aspects, you should assess the innovative idea and ensure that it has value from the marketing point of view. You should also be aware of the negative aspects and shortcomings of the idea.
“The innovator should start by understanding and analysing the customer’s needs and problems and then start providing solutions. He/she should test such solution till he/she reaches a product that meets the needs of the customers to avoid bad response to the invention in the market,” Al Hinai furthered.
“The number of Omani innovators and creators is growing that include those who submit new innovations or those who improve the previous products or develop the production methods,” he concluded. — ONA