Patent for production of clay oil from kernel of dates

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has registered a new patent for the production of oil extracted from the kernel of dates and waste oil of kitchens. This is for use in the drilling of oil wells. The patent is for two female inventors Tasneem bint Mohammad al Dawoodiyah and Salma bint Salim al Sudairiyah. The ministry has urged patents applicants to register with the Intellectual Property Department to protect themselves from infringements of others who want to use them without permission.

The patent certificate is the official document issued by the ministry. Tasneem al Dawoodiyah said that the idea of her invention was to transform the environmental wastes into material of economic value which is now entering into the most important sectors, which is oil  and gas. “The idea was developed as a graduation project, but it was developed after we got training in Mohammed Al Barwani Company, one of the most important oil companies of the Sultanate. Then we developed the idea further and made it a realistic experimental sample.

When we got unprecedented positive results we made it entrepreneurship. This is how the idea became a real project which can produce a material and use it on ground,” she said. Salma al Sudairiyah said: “We have learned about the patent system by participating in some seminars organised by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in colleges, and in public and private organisations, as well as through social networking sites.”  She said obtaining the patent has economic importance as it strengthens patent holder’s position in the market and protect it from theft and competition. The registration of a patent also guarantees financial returns for the owner of the idea.

She added that registration of the project with the Intellectual Property Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is always useful. The reduction in fees has also encouraged many to register their patents. The process of registration is easy and simple. It is first step towards success. This is how the idea gets its rights. Salma al Sudairiyah said: “We participated in a number of international competitions of innovations and won awards. We also participated in the Global Innovation Exhibition held in Geneva during April 10 and 14. It was with the encouragement of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.”