PART Chairman hails NRAA’s role in preserving Sultanate’s heritage

MUSCAT: Dr Abdullah bin Nasser al Harrasi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Radio and Television (PART), praised the role of the National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) in collecting the national documents and preserving various forms of the Sultanate’s heritage and history.
This he said was as per the best global scientific methods and practices, as well as conveying such history and heritage forms to the next generation and availing them to researchers and academics through advanced technologies that contribute to the national upbringing of generations and enhance loyalty and belonging to the homeland.
The PART chairman was visiting the NRAA HQs on Tuesday during which he was received by Dr Hamad bin Mohammed al Dhoyani, NRAA Chairman.
Dr Al Harrasi talked about the importance of the NRAA role in preserving the Sultanate’s national rich memory over the different time periods, in addition to its role in building modern systems for managing documents and archives according to the latest international standards, and seeking to highlight the cultural and historical aspects of Oman.
He said that we do not look at the history, the document and the manuscript as important because it reflects the past, but rather its role in strengthening the Omani identity, enhancing the Omani human effort, continuing what the ancestors had reached and extending bridges of communication with other civilisations as an extension to the Omani civilisation. He also added that what I found during my visit is a systematic interest in the document and how to deal with it.
This reflects the methodology of work and the deep vision of the importance of the document and its role in building the modern state.
It is an essential and fundamental aspect of the modern Omani state, based on the modern contemporary methods and techniques to preserve the ancient identity derived from history and emanating from the future and the historical identity of Oman.
During the visit, a presentation was made on the system of managing documents and electronic correspondence, as well as managing archives in the authority.
PART chairman’s visit included a tour to various specialised divisions and the technical body.
Dr Al Harrasi also toured the permanent exhibition of the national documents and archives through which he learned about the historical and cultural heritage of the Sultanate. — ONA