Parsley cream with ceps, cecina and truffle foam


Parsley Cream
60 gm Young flatleaf parsley leaves, loosely packed
3 pcs cloves garlic
240 ml cream
pinch of salt
White pepper

Truffle Foam
120 ml heavy cream
7-10 drops truffle oil (to taste)
1 gm soy lecithin (optional)
Or can use the coffee foam machine

4 pcs Mushroom Ceps fresh
100 grm Cecina (Spanish dried beef)
4 pcs Crouton waffers

Parsley Cream
Put unpeeled garlic into a small pan and cover with cold water.

Bring slowly to a boil, and then pour off water. Repeat twice.

Slip garlic cloves from skins. Bring garlic flesh and cream slowly to a simmer in rinsed-out pan. Check that garlic is now quite soft. If not, continue to cook gently until it is.

Drop parsley into hot cream, then blend parsley, garlic and cream to a smooth green sauce. Taste and adjust seasoning.

The sauce can be used at once or refrigerated and reheated.

Cut the ceps into 1.5 cm dices, heat the olive oil in a pan and sear the ceps in a medium heat. Season it with salt and pepper

Cecina — slice to be as thin as possible.

Crouton wafer — cut the bread in 2 mm thick wafer, toast it with garlic, and herb oil.

Truffle Foam:
Combine all the ingredients in a narrow bowl and blend with a hand blender until foamy, or use the late foam steamer to make the foam.

Pour the parsley cream in a shallow bowl. Place seared ceps on each side and Cecina on each side of Ceps. Add truffle foam and garnish it with toasted croutons.

Parsley (Umbelliferae) is considered to be a very versatile dish incorporated into many different cooking styles and cuisines. Just like salt, it helps to tie the flavour of the dish together.
Common mistake committed by amateur cooks is tossing the stems away. The fact is, parsley stems are actually more packed with flavours.
On the heath side, parsley is said to help protect against cancer, diabetes and bone weakness but anyone who is taking blood thinners is advised not to consume it because it’s high in vitamin K that results to blood clotting.
Parsley is also a biennial plant which means it only comes back after two gardening season.

Chef Emmanuel Pauliat is currently the Executive Chef of InterContinental Muscat who brings with him over 28 years of international culinary experiences from various five-star hotels and a Michelin-starred restaurant across the Middle East, Europe and East Africa.
A French native, Pauliat’s career began in Les Eyzies France in 1991 at Auberge de la Terriere. He continued his career in France at restaurants including Relais & Châteaux and Michelin-star Auberge St-Laurent.
He is at the helm of all culinary aspects of InterContinental Muscat, from menu enhancements to efficient kitchen operations including six bars and restaurants, room service, large banquets, outside catering events together with his dynamic kitchen team. Chef Emmanuel is happy to be back at the hotel and excited to bring his creativity and passion for culinary arts in creating the concepts the hotel have in store for the future.