Park vehicles at designated places

MUSCAT, JAN 12 – Any vehicle that is left at a public place in the capital city and posing defacement of the area will be towed away.
“The municipality has the laws passed to tow the vehicle from the place. The expenses for this act will have to be born by the owner”, said a civic official.
Article 2 of the municipality decision 171/2018 prohibits owners from leaving their vehicles in public places leading to a distorted look of the place.
“In this case, the municipality will stick a warning poster on the vehicles. The owners will have to remove the vehicle within 14 days from the issue of notice,” the official said.
According to him, thousands of vehicles are towed away from different areas in the city including Muttrah, Wadi Kabir, Ruwi, Bausher and the places in and around the Ghala industrial area.
While urging the citizens and residents to park their vehicles at designated places, the official said, “the municipality will not take any responsibility for damage incurred to the vehicle during its transportation to the dump sites”, he said.
He said that if any vehicle is found to be used for transporting hazardous material and not removed from the date of issuing notice, a fine of RO 1,000 will be slapped on the owner.
According to the new decision issued by the municipality in December last, RO 200 will be imposed as fine on buses 15 with or less passenger capacity, cars, motorbikes and bicycles which are found to be left as abandoned.
For trucks, trailers, tractors and big buses, the fine will be RO 400 and an additional RO 5 will be imposed for each day, if the vehicle is not collected from the yards.
According to the official, the municipality reserves the right to auction off the vehicle in case of failure to remove the vehicles.
“The civic authorities will coordinate with the Royal Oman Police in this regard if there is no response or if the due is not paid within 90 days of car withdrawal from the public place”, he added.