Panel reviews study to protect children from accidents

MUSCAT: The Social Committee of the State Council at its ninth meeting, chaired by Dr Hamad bin Sulaiman al Salami, Head of the Committee, was held in the presence of Committee members and Secretariat staff.
The committee hosted Khalid bin Mohammed bin Omar Bahram, assistant mayor of Muscat Municipality for services, and municipal officials, as part of the study on the protection of children from accidents.
The committee discussed with Muscat Municipality officials topics related to study, including factors that lead to accidents, and programmes of the municipality to protect children from accidents and their effectiveness, especially in the areas of awareness and reduce factors that pose a danger to children, actions and proposals that contribute to reducing accidents, including the development of residential planning, and other measures.
The delegation of Muscat Municipality officials was hosted by Abdullah al Kathiri, Director-General of the General-Directorate of Landscaping and Parks, Ziyad al Zadjali, Director of the Department of Lighting and Khalid al Saeedi, Director of Issues and Appeals at the Legal Department.