Pakistani community celebrates Sindh Cultural Fest in Oman

11The Pakistani community in the Sultanate celebrated Sindh Cultural Festival for the first time at Hotel Majan recently.
The event was graced by the presence of Naheed Naveed Atif, deputy head of mission, Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Sultanate of Oman, along with Fayyaz Ali Shah.
Attended by nearly 500 people including prominent personalities from Oman, the event was also seen by guests of honor Raheel Manjji and Abdullah Jan Memon.
The show started with Quranic recitation followed by translation in Sindhi language. Dr Ghulam Mahdi gave the welcome address.
Some of the event’s highlight includes the film showing which highlighted the ancient part of Sindh history and the distinguish culture of Sindh. The video screened also showcased modern Sindh and ancient historical cover even the beauty of deserts in Sindh.
The evening also explored the Sindhi and Balochi cultures and how much they are very similar to each other because of common historical background establishing what unites the culture and how this ‘sameness’ will foster a tighter relationship.
Shazia Khusk was the main performer of the festival. She sang a variety of songs in different languages. The short quiz was also conducted to entertain the participants.
Dr. Syed Sharif Ataullah thanked the guests on the behalf of organizing committee.
In an interview with a Pakistani reported, Sharif calls for unity and understanding among people of the two countries. He said that activities like the Sindh Festival binds the two countries allowing for proper culture introduction.
He said that other than introducing Omani culture in Pakistan, the exchange can provide a new route for future diplomacy for both countries.