Painting the hidden power


Staff Reporter –

An exhibition “The Hidden Power” by Degard, Artist from the United Kingdom, was inaugurated by Her Highness Sayyida Basma bint Fakhri al Said at Gallery Sarah, Bait Al Zubair, Muscat, on Wednesday.
The exhibition features more than 100 paintings inspired by The Aura Pure Art. The Gallery is incubating the artist’s magnificent collection of artworks from The UK. Her work includes prominent and influential personalities from celebrities and icons from all over the world: scholars, leaders, clerics and decision makers, as well as prominent sports figures, members of the royal family, actors, actresses, and others.
The artist has exhibited at The Royal College of Art, many galleries in the UK and internationally. She has written three books, curated three symposia and is a committee member of both The Colour Group and The Royal Society of the Arts. Degard has promoted in March 2017 “The first Symposium on the Aetheric Movement” at the Royal Society of Arts, London. The artist and other leading thinkers have explored vital questions leading to ‘Aethericising the Curriculum’– a profound conversation on the potential loss of both imagination, inspiration, sublime experience in our academic curricula today.
Born in London and lives and works in Hertfordshire. Degard RCA, FRSA has worked as an artist for over 33 years as a painter, writer, researcher, and curator. In the early 90’s she worked with Joshua Compston who helped develop the careers of the ‘Young British Artists’ (YBA) such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emi. After her Masters in Politics, she decided to train at Chelsea College of Art, London.
Degard’s work is about who we are, our identity and how we represent ourselves culturally. “We only represent ourselves as material beings, in portraiture.”
The ‘real’ person is not shown. It is very difficult to know who the ‘real’ person is since we believe we are separate to each other and cannot ‘see’ inside another person’s mind. But what if the other person’s mind is emitting a type of energy – an aura; auric energy. As you look at something, what if you send that ‘thing’ an energy; auric energy. If you are in a mosque what auric energy is being sent and what are you receiving? What about when you see a Gucci bag – even when you think about these things your consciousness is pulsing an auric energy. What if that auric energy could be ‘seen’ and understood? What if the many auras of all the people flow between us?
This is what Degard paints. Through using her skill as an abstract painter and her own unique ability to see auric energy around people she attempts to paint portraits, not as just skin and clothes, but as vital, breathing and most importantly conscious and magical beings. The artist works with the process of referencing significantly, drawing often, on sources of aetheric art, throughout history and to counteract these outdated research methods, and to network with thousands of like-minded individuals not scared of aetheric content the artist founded It is a gathering of individuals from diverse backgrounds who wish to renew the vibrant relationship between the Arts, Sciences and the Divine within the academic, professional and public arenas.
The artist will introduce the Aura Pure Art, and presents her artistic career, on January 11 at 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at Gallery Sarah.
The artist will explain and give an overview of their artistic career and aspects of their experience, which is an opportunity for arts students in the Sultanate, local artists, residents, and art audiences to attend and interact in this aspect of knowledge.
“The Hidden Power” exhibition will run till February 3. The display opens from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday at Gallery Sarah.