Pain of driving bumper to bumper…

The headache of driving on jammed roads is becoming common to many people nowadays. With the increase in number of cars and drivers every single day, traffic is even getting worse! Perhaps it’s not only in the capital, but the case is same on other main roads leading to the interior parts of the country too. As a matter of fact, traffic is becoming a nightmare motorists chasing every day and night on every lane of road they take. It’s stressing people out especially those who commute to work on a daily basis.
Traffic is not only becoming a pain in the neck, but a complete daily issue for everyone. Despite it is being experienced on every road, it’s considered an all-day headache as roads are full of cars lining bumper to bumper almost all times of the day. Unlike before, traffic used to be experienced only during peak times like early morning when people are heading to offices and late in the afternoon when they return home.
However, today whenever you go out on roads, there is a bit of traffic delaying you and spoiling your agenda.
Let’s assume that you are planning to go out for a 10-minute trip managing a personal affair within the city, this mission could possibly be stretched to an extra 10 or 20 minutes more due to traffic. Therefore, you might need to plan your trip differently today as extra time shall be spared to avoid any delay in your appointments for instance.
Additionally, a few minutes need to be added for any surprise on roads and unexpected incidents which might happen on the way. Just be ready for unpredicted actions!
Such cases keep reoccurring almost everyday and everywhere, so there is nothing much to do to escape traffic. In case you don’t get trapped in the morning traffic, definitely it comes back to you in the afternoon or evening.
Regardless of the time you are on the road, you get the struggle of traffic jam, stress and lost time trying
to shortcut your way out! Whatever you try doing to escape traffic it doesn’t efficiently work as everybody does the same trick.
Poor guys are struggling with traffic everyday on their way to office and on back home! The only solution that might work with them is to leave home as early as possible so they can avoid rush hours. At least, it saves them some time to have a stress-free driving and reach office earlier. But, leaving home earlier than others might not be possible everyday; else it could be an exhausting daily routine to reach office an hour or so earlier than the actual start of the working day.
To be frank, traffic is becoming a real cureless pain to many commuters.
What is really frustrating on roads is not only the bumper to bumper traffic, but the ill-mannered behaviour of some irresponsible motorists. They accord no respect or attention to other drivers with their aggressive driving and annoying actions on roads.
Disrespectfully, some are overpassing other cars from the right shoulders of the road pretending they are in a hurry as if others are enjoy getting stuck in traffic.
It’s really shame what such careless drivers do disrespecting other motorists and disregarding the traffic rules and laws. They recklessly and arrogantly drive their cars when everybody is impatiently struggling to get out of the traffic.
Believe it or not, such motorists can be men and women as I believe most of us have witnessed on different roads and occasions. They are racing and
drifting even on public roads; it’s unacceptable.
Hopefully, the more effective public transport system will come to the rescue of people from the daily pain of traffic which is chasing us on every road and street. It’s an urgent need and is a much-awaited solution for daily traffic.