PACP warns against weights manipulation

MUSCAT, NOV 5 – The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has warned against manipulation of weights of goods, mostly complained in packed foods. “Those who resort to manipulation while selling them to customers will be dealt with according to the prevailing laws which forbid such illegal practices,” a source at the authority said. This comes in in the wake of a recent incident which was reported by a customer who bought a bag of garlic from a supermarket. When he bought the bag it indicated that it weighed 800 grams for a price of RO 1, but when weighed on the balance at the shop, there was a difference in weight.

Upon a tip off, officials from the authority raided the shop which manipulated the weight of goods in violation of the Consumer Protection Law issued by Royal Decree No 66/2014, and in accordance with Articles (19 and 20) of the law. After investigation, it was also found that the weighing machine in the shop which has exceeded the end of its calibration period, and not renewed by competent authorities. “It was clear that there was a difference in the weight of several samples taken from the shop, which is contrary to the two Articles, which are Article 19 and 20 of the Consumer Protection Act,” he added.

The consumer, in the light of this record has been given his compensation and the case was forwarded to the Public Prosecution for further proceedings. The PACP called upon consumers to report any such suspected practice and also urged the suppliers to comply with consumer protection laws and regulations to avoid legal action.