PACP: Patients have right to the best treatment

MUSCAT, Oct 21 – Healthcare seekers and their families, irrespective of their nationality have the right to receive the best possible medicare when they approach the hospitals and clinics in the country, according to the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP).
As part of the public awareness campaign by the PACP, it’s been said that failure to provide quality healthcare services to a patient comes within the purview of violation of commitment to service and falls within the jurisprudence of the Authority.
In an awareness lecture on ‘Consumer Protection” in the Al Batinah governorate organised in association with the Department of Health Services in the Governorate, the PACP officials said that the quality services to which the patients and his or her family members are entitled to begins from the time of registration till the end of medical treatment.
“The rights of the healthcare recipients begin when they access health care sites and the obligation of the service provider begins there. These hospitals and clinics must adhere to their lawful obligations when they provide integrated health care, such as meeting deadlines or calling for cancellation, scheduling and other duties”, Aisha bint Mohammed al Jabriya, Head of Health Education at Suhar Hospital said.
The medical professional or an organisation has various obligations to patients such as ensuring safety, maintaining privacy, providing better communication and the like. It also includes adherence to the highest local and international standards for the quality of comprehensive health care. The patient must also adhere to the treatment plan and follow the instructions of the treating physician and his staff.
On the other hand, obstructing the functioning of a medical professional or manhandling him or her while carrying out his or her duties is equally an offence which would attract severe punishment and other legal actions.
“A medical professional, doctor or a para medical staff is bound to serve the community and causing any hindrance their service is a punishable offence which can attract severe legal consequences”, a PACP official said.