PACP crackdown for violating tyre sale norms

MUSCAT, Jan 30 – The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has cracked down on shops violating norms on sale of tyres.
Many violations were reported in Al Batinah Governorate and offenders were fined.
As per rules, tyres kept for display for more than two years should not be sold.
The rule is based on Decision No 246/2014 that prohibits the sale, marketing, display and distribution of used tyres of all types and sizes.
Article 2 prohibits the sale, marketing, display and distribution of unused tyres that have been in production for 24 months and 30 months for heavy trucks.
In an attempt to ensure the rule is adhered to, the Department of Consumer Protection has been making random checks at shops.
“This move is to ensure tyre dealers are complying with the decisions issued by the PACP and ensure safe consumer environment and accident-free roads,” said an official from the authority.
The authority fined many dealers and seized 44 tyres.
“Although tyres cannot be sold after two years of shelfing, consumers are hesitant to buy near-expiry tyres despite the fact that these tyres have a one-year warranty and can be used for 50,000 to 100,000 km,” says Ali Kunju, General Manager, Mohammed Assulaimi Auto Parts, which deals with tyres.
He said the leading agencies are now stocking 200-300 tyres as against 1,000 earlier.