PACI training programme on sea shells

Muscat: The Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) represented by the Department of Craft Industries in Muscat is implementing the preparatory programme in the field of crafting of shellfish.

The programme with a target of 20 trainees, is designed to provide a historical overview of the art of crafting with shells, designs and decorations used in Oman, types of shells, tools and devices for manufacturing operations in addition to explaining the rules and foundations used in the design.

The programme which comes within the framework of the vocational training programmes approved by PACI in 2019, is being implemented in collaboration with the Oman shipping Company.

The programme aims at displaying different types of shells to identify their properties and the possibility of forming a valuable item out of them. By the end of the programme, the trainees are expected to get training on all tools and devices used in the formation of shells, identifying their functions and uses and how to maintain them.

Safety precautions during production processes are also highlighted. The practical elements include starting handcrafting by sea shell to identify the ways of forming the boxes using cutting techniques, polishing, installation, methods and identifying the ways of putting the frame using the same techniques.