PACDA urges public to stay home; search on for missing person

Salalah: One person has died and one other person is missing and rescue operation is on for the missing person in the wadi area of Ain Razat.

Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances urged people to stay indoors as Dhofar continues to receive heavy down pour due to the tropical Depression heading towards the governorate.

“A number of specialised vehicles have been sent to Dhofar Governorate to tackle any crisis that is expected to come up during this period of the tropical depression.  Our request to people is to stay back home,” said an official from PACDA speaking to Observer.

A second support force, containing heavy specialized vehicles to be used for rescue operations have reached Salalah.

“We have done number of rescue rescue operations until now,” he added.

Seven people were stranded in the course of the Ain Razat Wadi, where rescue team was able to save five people.  But the force of the water resulted in the death of one person and another person is missing and the rescue operators of PACDA is on the search of the missing person.

A family was rescued from a vehicle stuck in Wadi Sahnout while there were other resuce operation from vehicles stuck in water within the city limits.

About 100 to 200 mm of rainfall is expected to pour on Dhofar in the next 48 hours according to Oman Met Office.