PACDA holds practical exercise at Rustaq College

The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) implemented practical exercise of evacuation as part of the training programmes for security and safety committee of Rustaq College Campus.
The implemented exercise included three hypothesis in which high readiness of participating teams and their systematic ability to embrace emergency events were emphasised and witnessed.
The exercise was attended by 40 individuals and officers from Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance and Royal Oman Police to raise awareness of safety and security procedures at the College besides involving the internal community through introducing the roles by the academics and assistant academics along with students.
The programme was also considered as a training for the teams of Security and Safety Committee at the College to introduce them in practice to the rules, procedures and steps must be followed during the fires. It was also an opportunity to ascertain the readiness of the building and the availability of tools to cover such incidents.
The evacuation exercise involved the implementation of three hypotheses. The first was in the presence of the fire in the building of the academic faculty were a number of detainees were inside and the teams worked hard to transport them out of the building and provide healthcare through the ambulances located in the site. The second hypothesis was summarized in a collapse in one of the parts of the same building because of the fire and detainees were held on the top floor of the building. They were released and transferred by a specialized team within a short time confirmed and ascertained the efficiency of the human cadres dealing with the situation. The third hypothesis was based on the presence of chemicals leaking in a laboratory and the existence of two factors which require dealing with them by special units for the clearance of hazardous materials, which commenced working and removed the injured ones to be transferred to the specialized areas to clean the infected ones and the place pf contaminated materials.
Dr Ahmed al Badri, dean of Rustaq College, said, “The security and safety standards at Rustaq College of Education are among the aspects that receive the attention and priority of the college due to its importance and value in achieving the security and safety. “It is important that such an experience to be reflected on our own experience at the college, and to be added to the knowledge of the security and safety committees in the college. It is planned to get such fruitful exercises implemented periodically to ascertain the internal readiness of the faculty for human and logistic emergencies”, he added.