O’We smart watch will help you get the ideal amount of sunshine

Smartphones, smart watches and smart home devices, these gadgets assist in daily activities from the mundane to the truly incredible feats. Smart watches, however, are starting to be the norm as one of the most popular wearable devices today, each with its unique capabilities that set it apart from the competition. While more well-known brands boast advanced OS, and others sleek designs, one smart watch in particular boasts its capability of giving its user the perfect amount of sunlight for optimal sun exposure.

Just like other smartwatches, the O’We comes with an accelerometer and vibration motors for its fitness tracking features that include sleep tracking, an inactivity alert that notifies you when you’ve been inactive for an hour, and a silent vibrating alarm that gently wakes you up in place of the usual loud alarms. Its special feature, however, comes with the SunTrack feature that allows you to get just the right amount of sunshine every day. Using information on your skin type, the UV readings and location data, the O’We helps you get the ideal amount of sunshine that’s not too much and not too little for optimal exposure.

The makers of O’We sees the importance of sun exposure to our health and the hazards of having too much or too little sunshine can give us. The SunTrack feature lets you know how much sunshine you need and warns you of overexposure once you’ve reached the 80 per cent mark so you can find shade or go indoors. O’We is a smart watch that allows you to stay connected, healthy, and active especially with its SunTrack feature. Its large e-ink 1.33-inch, 128 x 128 Px, capacitive touchscreen allows for easy use even in direct sunlight and it boasts a battery life of up to five days.

The O’We also features an anti-loss alert that notify you when you’ve strayed too far from your phone. Further, with the O’We, you’ll be prepared for erratic weather because its weather information feature could give you a notice up to two days ahead.